Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Project Review: ATT- U-verse "Bond Room" Digital Kitchen 2011

 Here is an early delivery comparison of my WIP[ Work In Progress] for the bond room build out for Digital Kitchen. I reference the Concept Art provided to me and shoot a Poly view and a smoothed to show the design intent.

 Here is the final Model as delivered, the foreground ended up as a practical piece so it was removed.

 Here is the base model quad view showing the build base mesh for ATT's U-verse spot.

 Here is a close up of the lounge area pit on the screen Left in the mid-ground for this green screen FX shot I did last summer.

 The console details went from a big screen[ see first top image] to these NASA type 60's set-ups.

 Here are the screen captured images from the final piece here.

 Project Review
ATT's- U-verse "Bond Room" 
Produced for Digital Kitchen 2011

Client Digital Kitchen
Art Direction David Franklin.
Project Date: June 2011.

This past summer I had a great opportunity to build out a full virtual set piece, stage and all, for a televison Spot for ATT's U-Verse for Digital Kitchen. I was tasked with the job of building out a 3D model for the in-house FX team to use in the spot.

I worked from a great Concept Art piece as seen above from John Park, to build out the various elements for the shot. I also built all of it as a quad sub-division surface model as this was to be exported into a production pipeline for C4D and Maya, so I exported my 3DSmax file as a FBX for the team.

Had a lot of fun building this out, I love to construct scenes, and to create a model of another fine artists work, it just broadens my experience because it forces you into another shape language, which is good for all of us who design for a livin'.

Cheers, THOM

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