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Project Review: Entourage Key Art 3D Illustrations 2005.

 Here is the final 3D Illustration I did for the Entourage Rolls Royce Limo. The gang was comped inside.

 A Quad view showing the model geometry itself for this illustration.

 I built out a velvet rope for a waiting line shot outside an LA Club for a photo shoot as seen here.

 Here is a detailed view of the Rope divided up close.

 A simple magazine to comp in with a bit of a rolled side.

 The quad view showing the stacked page geometry etc.

This is a High End Hotel Key Card Entry with a blank Door Hanger to apply various tag lines to.

Project Review
Entourage: Key Art 3D Illustrations 2005.

Client: HBO via The Cimarron Group.
Art Director(s): Calvin Sumler and Joseph Stamper.
Project Date January 2005.

The Print Design department tasked me with a few 3D Illustrations to help them with the pitch packages for the new series Entourage so I built them out.

I had up to 2 days[ 16 Hrs build+texture+render] to work on about six comp ideas and what I have here are the main ones I worked on. The Rolls Royce trunk-view was a fun job as I had just done the Herbie 1963 VW for the film, do I was familiar with quad modeling a car to tackle just the trunk area.

I also did a velvet rope for a photographic overlay element so I reflected the photo sky into the chrome, and brass, to make it match the daytime comp.

I also built out a magazine that was to be head over the face of the main character so I built a quick virtual one here.

I finally did a door hanger comp where some TBD[ To Be Determined]2D artwork would be swapped out on the High End Hotel door-hanger, so I created this quick little mini scene with the door, and electronic key card entry system.

A fun project with a variety of props needed to be built textured and rendered out all in a day or so is always a challenge, an a whole lot of fun to do.

Cheers, THOM

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