Monday, January 23, 2012

Project Review: Dreamcatcher PART II: Virtual Dreamcatcher 3D Model Details

 Here is the final design for the Virtual Dreamcatcher I did a decade ago at BLT.

 I built the feather out as a 3D object with all "hairs' and individual tips.

 A full shot of the model showing most was modeled not a texture exercise.

 All wood was twisted triple rounds so I had a grove running the length of all sticks.

 All the little "bits and pieces' were scattered on the main model for close-up detailed shots int he AV work.

 The original FAX'ed copy of the design from the film done by Mark 'Crash' McCreery.

Dreamcatcher 2002
Virtual Dreamcatcher 3D Model Details

Client: Castle Rock Entertainment via BLT and Associates.
Art Director(s): Alon Amir, Alen Petkovic
Project Date: Christmas 2001

In this second post on the 3D dreamcatcher model I built for BLT back a decade ago now, I have some close up shots showing the details that went into the 3D virtual Model, that was used in the international Motion Graphics Trailers.

I made the mesh very detailed, as we had a duplicate actual hero prop from the film there, so I tried to achieve a look that was consistant.

I also had the rough sketch done by Mark 'Crash' McCreery that was FAX'ed, YES FAXED[ remember those!] to us to build off of, so I built right over the sketch in 3DSmax.

This was one of the first high detailed models a that I attempted to build out for print, and it did take a while to render out I remember, as it approached a million faces, and this was back with Max 4.0, whew!

You can view PART I as well.

Cheers, THOM

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