Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Project Review: Rutger Hauer Traveling Gym 1992.

 Here is a 8 x 10 photo of the final artwork 22 x 17 blue-line on velum.
(Note that in the lower right corner they covered my signature on the artwork)

Project Review
Rutger Hauer Traveling Gym 1992.

Client: Rutger Hauer via Charles T. Cohen and Associates.
Art Direction: Charles T Cohen.
Project Date: January 1992.

This was my second job out of Art Center back in 1991, and I got the work by the connection to my first job, at Design Setters on the Mazda MX-6 Project for Rhythm and Hues.

I delivered what was tasked, a single sketch as posted, but the story behind it is what has shaped my carear for 20 years now. I was asked to sketch out a 18 wheeler with a gym in back so Arnold Schwarzenegger, or any other 'Action Star' could take it with them to the set, and I did. 

A major partner in the venture was actor Rutger Hauer, and it was the only time in my carear I was a bit star struck to meet him, since I am a SUPERFAN of bladerunner, and I did not expect to walk into him at the project meeting back then.

This is the ONLY job I have ever bid a full delivry price on, or a flat rate. I estimated 6 Hrs, [4 to sketch it at 22 x 17 and 2 for changes]. Well, I learned the hard way early on with a new client, that you never know how many changes they will want to make, and the job ended up taking me near 30 hours for 6 hours of pay. A tough lesson, thankfully only needed this one time to learn from.

Consequentlay I realized that art is always an open ended contract since I cannot guess when a client will finally stop changing the art, so I have charged hourly since then and only been stiffed by one client[ in 2010 no less!]. I also have never missed any deadline, as I will not agree from the front end if it is unreasonable,and some clients do not quite get that this benefits them, that I will not even take it if I know it cannot be done.

Cheers, THOM

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