Monday, January 16, 2012

Project Review: Home Alone 4: Home Entertainment Key Art 3D Illustration 2003.

 Here is the only 3D logo I did for the project , it was a brass plate with mini screws in the design as this was mounted to a door for the comp design.

 Here is the 3D Illustration I did for a Night-Vision-Goggle setup that the main character uses, a re-use from S.W.A.T.

 Here is a 3/4 view showing the high rez mesh I built for the Night vision prop from Home Alone.

 A basic beige panel door, simple, but this is what was used. Sometimes 3D Illustration has no "glamor", but it is effective as a tool for these times over stock or custom photography on price and ease of use due the the Smart-3D nature of these assets.

 Here is the internal staircase I rebuild as a virtual set. It is not furnished due to most being covered with "big heads" as well as budget limitations on time.

 Here we see the finished DVD cover with that door I did.

Project Review
Home Alone 4
Home Entertainment Key Art 3D Illustration 2003.

Client:  ABC via BLT and Associates.
Direction: Matt Rice.
Project Date: April 2003

I did plenty of 3D Illustrations for the various teams in-house at BLT whwn I was running my one man show there, and I was put on the Home Alone 4 ,a direct to video project for Matt Rice in the Home Entertainment division back in 2003 almost a decade ago.

I did some simple 3D props, like the panel door you see above[ which is all that finished], as well as a highly complex prop of some night vision goggles that I modified and used for SWAT as well.

I also did the staircase interior and this was an early GI, Global Illumination project I did the first mothe I used the software[ so excuse the speclkeling artifacts  :o) ].

THe project did finish and I rendered it at 5000 pixels wide for the final[ typical size].

Cheers, THOM

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