Friday, August 12, 2011

Project Review: Terminator 3:Motion Graphics Teaser Trailer.

At frame 26: We start inside the tube going to the back of the Terminators eye.

At frame 32: Once inside the ball of the eye, we approach the fist layer, the "grill", a small mesh.

At Frame 35: We are past the grill looking back at the back surface of the Terminators Machine Eye.

At Frame 40: We are just through the first b glass lens so we are getting a bit of refraction bending of the light at this point in the MGFX.

At Frame 45: We are over half-way through the Machine-Eye and can begin to see the iris aperture frame.

At Frame 53: We are out of the glass and see the full Camera Iris around the edges.

At Frame 58: We are in the outer Cornea lens and it is getting brighter in scene.

Frame at END: We are out of the eye, and a light flash is used to mask the cut to title.

Here is a schematic view showing the eye I built as a cut away view showing the layers and model details I designed in.

Project Review: Terminator 3
Motion Graphics Animation for Theatrical Trailer.

Client:Warner Brothers Pictures via BLT and Associates.
Creative Direction: Alen Petkovic, and Paul Rollins
Project Date: February 2003.

The majority of work that I did for BLT was print advertising work, about 80%, however the other 20% was for Alen Petkovic, who ran, and still runs, the fine Motion Graphics department at BLT and Associates in Hollywood CA. Terminator 3 came in at Christmas of 2002 for work to be done in the new year, and what a fun project this turned out to be.

I did a few graphic pieces for the teaser, but this eye move, was one of the most fun elements to design and execute. The MGFX transition was to be used to cut from a close up on the machine to a title reveal coming out through the eye. I had about 2 seconds to move though some geometry so I put in a few layers of transition to mix in a large amount of tech in a short time. I have a grill, a ring, a camera iris, a few spring mounted hoops and various cast apertures to fly by as we exit the lens of the eye.

Once I left BLT and Associates and moved over to The Cimarron Group, one of my early projects was to model the Terminator eye outside, it can be viewed here, enjoy the post and the weekend folks.

Cheers, THOM

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