Thursday, August 25, 2011

Project Review: M&M's World Vegas PART III

I found a Xerox of the first pass at the final capsule design for the Swirly gag at the M&M's attraction, this was the final lineart drawing submitted for manufacture.

This is a re-post, but a new image of this, as I found a better scan of it, so here is the shaded version of the above final prop I designed back in 1996 for Landmark Entertainment Group.

The final Color-key I did as a marker, chalk, and pencil sketch showing the fabrication team the colors we required for the prop design.

This concept which was deemed, "too messy" as they wanted to squirt water in arches over the guests having them land back in the unit on the other side. Problem was folks stuck their hands out and everyone get very wet, so we canned it in as seen above.

Project Review: M&M's World Vegas PART III
Swirly Design Concepts

Client: Ethel M Chocolates via The Landmark Entertainment Group.
Art Director: Michael Marquez
Date: Summer 1998

As a Designer I often design something that will be manufactured. Illustration captures an image or a look, or even a design intent, but Production Design involves Architecture, Engineering, Manufacturing and a working out in real world conditions a design inten for construction, in other words, can it be built effectively for the budget and time allotted. If not you FAIL, even a good design will fail if it cannot be built for the cost and time allotted and illustration does not have l this limitation.

So above you can see a few concepts for a swirly machine at the M&M's attraction in Las Vegas that I designed. The first sketch has a whirlpool of water int he top and a nozzle that would shoot water over the guests as the took the tour, but that was modified to the tall capsule design you see above. I included the three main Illustrations that I created for the design intent.

First a line-art 2D sketched drawing of the design goes in, if that is good to go, I do a quick shaded sketch showing form and volume. And finally, I execute the color key to show the finishes to the Creative Director, unless that is me then it goes to the client.

I have two prior posts on M&M's here for PART I and here for PART II.

Cheers, THOM

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