Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Project Review: Cyan Worlds URU- PART VI

The Harvester "Concept Model- 3D sketch" for the Cyan Worlds Online URU Myst extension done back in 2001.

Here is a main 3D Conceptual Design Image I created for Cyan with a description of some main functions of the apparatus.

A Multi-view showing the concept model at various angles.

Here is a close up showing the low poly geometry model near the paddle balls all made from heavy iron.

Here is the base model design for the "Hourglass Harvester" I designed for Cyan.

Here we see the unit with the bulb out of the hoops as it would be when it picks one up floating on the water to process for ink creation for the game.

Cyan Worlds URU: Part VI
Venalem Age:Ink Harvester Conceptual Designs

Client: Cyan Worlds Inc.

Direction: Rand Miller
Project Date: Winter 2000

In this sixth Post on the Production Design work I did in the Winter of 2000 up in Spokane WA for Cyan Worlds, the makers of the popular Myst Video Game, I have posted the 3D mock up of the Harvester from the world Venalem that I designed.

Venalem was a world caught in a floating Iceberg and you can review the design here. The Harvester would process the material to make the ink for URU, the online Myst counterpart, the huge water bulbs had this inside and required a process in this apparatus. The bulbs once used were not discarded as they made into housing in the Icebergs for the 'miners'

As a conceptual Designer for Cyan, I helped develop the concept that the growing bulbs as the source for the ink, as well as the process of diving down to cut them off and tipping this harvester over to pick one up.

The machine was a joy to design and build this mock up in 3D for the project. A very enjoyable time in my design career from over a decade back.

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Cheers, THOM

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  1. Wonderful designs! I wonder, do you have any more of these models? Perhaps some for Kahlo, the other Age you designed?

    By the way, there's some discussion on this machine going on at the Myst Online forums, in case you want to check it out or even drop a line at us Myst fans: