Monday, August 15, 2011

Project Review: 3D Logos for The Phantom Planet [1961] on DVD[2008]

A 3D Logo with caustic reflections from the HOT LAVA behind it done for The Phantom Planet for DVD.

Here you can see the same file with the caustics off and the "lava lite' removes so the type extruded back into the darkness.

This version has a mesh-smooth applied along with a soft rounded feel or cast look to the type with procedural textures used with Darktree shaders.

This 3D logo version I built about 10 layers of floating plates to make up the extrusion with a brushed aluminum finish.

This Logo has a 3D cut along the back to angle the type to sit on a reflective surface, also done in a Gold material.

For this variation on the 3D Logo for The Phantom Planet, I curved the face to wrap the lighting and reflections around.

We then explored some 'cool" looks so I redid the top logo in a cool blue/green world so all the colors of materials and lighter were modified for this "alt".

For this 3D logo I designed, took a flat plate and built a neon line file around the back to set if off the page.

A sharp extrusion back in brushed metal.

For this Logo Concept idea, I used the soft rounded version for the material has defects and was not to feel machined out , but cast or poured.

The Phantom Planet DVD Re-release 3D Logo Design

Client: Legend Films via The Cimarron Group.
Art Director(S): Darren Keller Andy Marciniak.
Project Date: June 5th, 2008.

Sometimes I am given just a single Illustrator file to work with for a locked Logo design, like I was given for the DVD and Blue Ray release of The Phantom Planet [1961]. However, I have a great deal of creative room in 3D, because I can go beyond a mere flat extrusion, which is the simplistic and most elementary way of making type 3D.

When asked for this I ask how many variations are wanted, since one file, has endless ways to extrude, bevel, single point bevel, model , melt, bend , twist or adjust.

For this project I was tasked with a metal 3D Logo with a bit of variation from a cold space look to a hot fire explosion feel to the metals. I was given the single illustrator file and I did these 10 Logos in about 3 Hours.

Some designs, I cut across the front surface of the model, and curved the face back, or cut an angle in the rear to simulate an hinged rotation. All in all, this was a 'fast-n-fun' exercise for a 3D Logo design within a quick 2-3 hour turn around, which seems more often than not to be the basic structure of Theatrical Advertising.

Cheers, THOM

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