Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Behind the Art:M&M's World Fresco Painting Murals

STEP I: Scanned Original Colorerase Indigo Blue Sketch.

STEP II: Convert image over to Sepia and stage via Value Contrast.

STEP III: Colorize the artwork and convert to painted Fresco look via Photoshop.

From Sketch to Mural

Client: Ethel M Chocolates via Landmark Entertainment Group.
Art Director Michal Marquez.
Project Date:Summer 1997.

A quick view of my process in creating the Fresco paintings for the walls around the stadium at the M&M's attraction in Las Vegas.

-First, after the sketch is done by hand using Colorerase Indigo blue, I scan it into the PC.

-Next, I begin the process of adjusting the contrast and bringing the file into the Sepia range for a final piece.

-Third, I colorize the artwork by painting in Photoshop to achieve the look and use the Paint Daubs filters to achieve the painted look. I will overlay multiple version to achieve the look needed.

This artwork was printed about 8 feet tall and mounting in the attraction for a few years before they took out the stadium[ So I have heard].

Cheers, THOM

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