Friday, May 20, 2011

Project Review: Banana Shpeel on Broadway 2010

The Tag line for Cirque Du Soleil hanging at an angle with clean letters.

Here is a straight on version against a wall of brick with an aged text all gunked up.

A slight fish eye view of the "Beacon Theater" in rusted Tin for the bottom of the posters.

A Single Line final Logo.

A Stacked more square mark of a Logo version was done as well.

Cirque Du Soleil's

Banana Shpeel

Client: Cirque Du Soleil via The Cimarron Group.
Art Director: Calvin Sumler, Chris A, Hawkins, and Joseph Stamper.
Project Date: March, 2010.

I did some quick 3D Logos for The Cimarron Group last year for the Broadway show from Cirque Du Soleil, called "Banana Shpeel". The logo itself was designed by another company, so we did our version for the comps presented.

I had some room to make the tag lines and the Beacon Theater sign in 3D too which was new to the projects look. I also used Sub Surface Scattering to get the glow right on the plexi-glass covers street signs that have a filament inside. I developed the look for City of Ember here.

A fun exercise, about one day of work plus some larger renders. Sadly the show flopped and closed 6 weeks in.

Cheers, THOM

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