Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Project Review: Universal Studios Hollywood- Backstage Globe

Frame One we start on the stage set of the Universal Globe.

We slowly start to rotate around the hanging globe...

We come around the side and start to see the painted globe on the front...

We come around to the front and the high energy volumetric light crests the edge...

The Logo has seated and we slowly truck into it...

We end with the light blasting out the lens from behind stage right.

This ad was given to me as the "seed" idea for the Motion Graphics project by our corporate division.

Universal Studios Hollywood
Motion Graphics for Backstage Globe Logo

Client: Universal Studios Hollywood via The Cimarron Group.
Creative Director: Nigel Williams.
Project Date: Winter 2005.

When I ran the small 3D Department at The Cimarron Group I provided 3D services from Design, Modeling, Illustration and Animation to the many internal divisions within Cimarron, and we also had a traditional Advertising Division that approached Universal with this concept that was based on a print ad that was done in the early 90's for Absolut Vodka called "Absolut Hollywood".

The Idea was to start on the back of the universal logo on a sound-stage and reveal the final logo in the move, which was v fairly straight forward. As with most scenes I am a builder so I make, and had built a huge variety of sound-stage props that I sold for the company on Turbo-squid as stock models that was a way to get this scene filled rapidly and dressed for the final images.

The move a was a fast 20 second spot with a 5 second spin as you can see in the above frames. I have also put up the original ad that was given to me as my direction creatively from our Corporate Division.

Cheers, THOM

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