Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Project Review: Priest- 3D Logo Exploration 2009

My First pass at the new 3D version of the Comic Script Logo.

Here I use a Procedural Texture with a Dirt shader that finds the intersections in the model and deposits a second material so you can "age" you designs.

Here I adjusted the material to add more "blood color", and we removed the cross holding device as well.

A Bronze and Silver version tilted a bit back.

Here we have a simple extruded flatter version with only a single layer with no outlined seat.

A version made out of a blood material as well as the geometry was melted and a few subtle bumps added.

Here is a view showing the Low Poly Subdivision Model used to get the SPB[ Single Point Bevel ].

3D Logo Exploration

Client: Sony Pictures International via The Cimarron Group.
Art Director: Joseph Stamper.
Project Date: January 2009.

When I was at The Cimarron Group in 2009 we did a quick half day project where I was to build a 3D version of the script logo found on the Graphic Novels for Priest, and I then did a series of texture and lighting treatments to them all. I built a single point bevel with a small landing on the top of the letters to get the molded feel to the model that would match the comic book. Some include a "cross" stylized in the back as a holding device to grab the font, and one is made from pools of blood.

I get to do a lot of fast 4-6 hour 3D Logo projects in the area of Theatrical Advertising as they have a bit of budget "leftovers" to go this route on an occasion, for a big budget or high profile Motion Pictures.

Cheers, THOM

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