Thursday, March 24, 2011

Project Review: Tomb Raider 2 The Cradle of Life Part I

A stone version of the iconic Tomb Raider dual layer 3D Logo.

A jagged edge on a new font treatment for the main Title logo for Tomb Raider 2.

We almost finished this Logo for thew poster, I even rendered it at 5K size for finishing and we had a finish made, but were passed at the end.

The circle concept was used for an Icon for the sphere that they find in the film.

An underwater ruins backdrop for a poster concept with Laura Croft in the foreground in Full Scuba.

A second concept piece for a backdrop to a big head shot poster concept.

A sphere floating above a series of fingers of rock.

A caged sphere concept.

Project Review
Tomb Raider 2 The Cradle of Life
Part I

Client: Paramount Pictures.
Art Director(s):Rick Lynch, Warren Nung, Zack Ris, Marcus Almaraz
Project Date: Summer 2002.

Working in-house at BLT and Associates as the 3D designer responsible for all 3D assets for print and AV[ audio-video] I was put onto the Tomb Raider 2 project very early on, and spent a good four months doing logos, and 3D environments since the film was yet to be shot yet, so I did concept designs for the teaser poster ideas from print.

A fun project where I had to first duplicate the look of the 3D logo done for the first film. That simple brushed metal with chrome on top of a gold holding device is the most referenced 3D logo I have experienced.

There also was also a magic sphere in the film that we conceptualized in a few ways that can be seen along with the underwater ruins that were done. A really fun project.

Cheers, THOM

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