Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Project Review: Rick Lynch's Animated Series The Frum-Unders

The Frum-Unders(R) Volt-Girl was hiding in the junk drawer.

The Frum-Unders(R) Toothie, hides in the medicine chest.

The Frum-Unders(R) Left-Overs hides in the back of the fridge.

The Frum-Unders(R) Spoolie character is from the sewing machine basket.

The Frum-Unders(R) Linty is from under the dryer, and is my favorite character inspired by the always animated dust cloud following Peanuts Pig Pen.

The Frum-Unders(R) Scrappy, is the left over food from under the seat cushions on the couch.

The Frum-Unders(R) Al' Dante, was hiding in the pantry as left over pasta pieces that come together.

The Frum-Unders(R) Wishbone sits on the shelf near the sink.

The Frum Unders (R)

Client: Rick Lynch + Positive Existence.
Art Director: Rick Lynch.
Project Date: Fall 2001.

When I was full time in house at BLT and Associates the workload was usually very full with 40+ Hours of 3D Modeling, Design, Illustration, and Animation work that filled each week. But, around the holidays you would get a week or so here and there of down time, and one of the principal partners at BLT Rick Lynch always has some fun projects brewing that I got the privilege of working on.

I had previously worked in Television Animation on the traditional 2D variety, and had put out a few pitch packets for shows over the years so I got together with Rick to put together a Character lineup for a series he was pitching.

The concept was a simple show for toddlers on a young level, with a bunch of characters that come out from under things in your home, called "The Frum-unders"(R). What you see above is the first pass I had at a set of characters that eventually would be 3D and be pitched as a CGI Series for television. I had lots of fun on this as the subject matter and concept was and is still strong.

Cheers, THOM

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