Monday, March 7, 2011

Project Review: The Last Castle 2001

Here is the finished Teaser Poster with the 3D illustrated Towers I built used on each side.

A close up of the max file showing the simplicity of how it was made since it was only a long shot model and not for close up work.

This was the final render used for the posters a slight up angle showing just a bit of the underside.

An earlier version with more tip up on the camera for a more dramatic angled comp.

On this one I stretched the tower up twice as tall as the original and lit it a bit graphic.

Here is the first pass model after about two hours or so to research, design, build, and light and texture for the Art Directors.

The Last Castle

Client: Dreamworks Distribution via BLT and Associates.
Art Director(s): Clive Baillie, Rick Lynch, Alon Amir.
Project Date: Summer 2001.

Before I was in-house at BLT and Associated in Hollywood California doing 3D Design, Modeling, Illustration, and Animation, I did a few freelance 3D Illustration jobs for them to test the waters as to what I could do in what amount of time, and I was assigned onto The Last Castle team to help out.

This was a quick small half day job, where they needed a 3D Illustration of a Prison Guard Tower with lights and barbed wire for a One sheet where they did not have a photographic asset to use. To hand Illustrate this would be too time consuming so I did a 3D version in a short time and we varied the angles and proportion of how tall for a few ideas.

This was my first Movie Poster finished 3D Art work used back in 2001. Sometimes the job is very small and fast like this one, but still make it through the crit sessions an onto a finshed piece.

Cheers, THOM

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