Thursday, March 3, 2011

Project Review: Beastly 2011

A 3D Concept for a simple curved extruded logo done for Art Director Joseph Stamper.

I took Joseph's above file and carved out the centers and filled with corrugated metal to emulate a woodcut lettering feel like I did for Sweeny Todd.

A dual layer design with a rusted aged metal heavy beveled look out front, with a pin line neon edge glowing from the back.

This concept Art was done for Art Director Calvin Sumlers Beastly Movie Logo, and the incorporation of the heart into the name was done on the end.

Another concept art piece done for Calvin Sumler with the heart moved out front and into the middle. This version was deeply scratched using Simbiot Max's Plug-In.

One of my favorite treatments using a single point bevel with an aged concrete material used.

An ornate Single Point Bevel bright metal logo done for Art Director Calvin Sumlers Poster Ideas for Beastly. This one has a blurred reflective surface behind the logo to blend out as well.

I took the Illustrator file, and once I hand built the beveled typeface for Beastly, we bent it to curve it around a head for a comp.

Here is Calvins original typeface without the bend, and this round I did a crystal material with some light caustic refractions and reflections.

I did this concept for Art Director Chris A. Hawkins and he added thorns into the typeface he customized so I beveled those as well when I built this logo for his use.

A comic book lighting version of the above logo in a dark reflective metal with warm to cool lighting almost edge-lit only, very dark.

Still one of my favorites is this bolder single point beveled version I did for Art Director Chris A. Hawkins using a masonry material with some aging moss procedural texturing.

No for this alt the reflection map helped create a Damascus folded metal look to the surface with the striped reflections wrapping the bevels on this alt. This is my top pick.

A thin tall glass logo design I built for Art Director Chris A. Hawkins for Beastly Posters Concept Designs.

A flat extrusion with a micro beveled edge and micro holding devise, a very subtle 3D logo concept.

I did this final concept for Art Director Joseph Stamper and this was made to match the liquid metal veins found all over Alex when he is the Beast in the film.

Concepts Art for title exploration

Client:CBS Films via The Cimarron Group
Art Director(s): Calvin Sumler, Joseph Stamper, and Chris A. Hawkins.
Project Date: Summer 2009.

One of my final projects that I worked on when I was in-house in Hollywood at the Cimarron Group was to do a full 3D Logo exploration for the new film Beastly, a new adaptation of a Beauty and the Beast theme starring Alex Pettyfer as the beast.

I worked with three Art Directors on the project and they pitched quite a few 3D logos in the Poster Concept Art Presentations. There were a lot of Single Point Beveled type treatments as that seems to be the way that films like this want to explore first, so I spend the time to hand build these typefaces for the film based on Illustrator files supplied to me by the various Art Directors. I also was able to explore a softer liquid look of the veins on the Beast that look like liquid Mercury. I also did do a few bold heavy logos as well as come carved out. They tried a full range of materials from glass to steel or iron, then to various aged metals.

I had a great time working on this project almost 18 months back. If you want to learn more about this film look here.

Cheers, THOM

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