Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Project Review: Novel Comics Gumboman

Recently I built a Cajun Swamphouse [ buy it on Turbosquid!] that was influenced by this story Gumboman from Novel Comics.

Gumboman himself!

A Swamp truck from the project.

A yummy bowl of Gumbo!

The Alligator triplets.

A Color Key I did of the Gator Boys.

The Banjo Twins.

A Demonic Urinal. Imagine that coming your way, Yikes!

Half Man and Half Crawfish!

The Who-Doo Queen.

An old Gumbo shack I did back almost a decade ago as a test in the first 3DS max in 1995.


Client: Novel Comics.
Creative Director: Bryan Thompson.
Art Director: Myself.
Project Date: 1994-96.

Back in the mid nineties when I was full time at Hearst Animation Productions working on The Phantom 2040, and The New Adventures of Flash Gordon, I met and worked with Bryan Thompson who worked at Hearst with me. He wrote a great treatment for his original story GumboMan, and after reading it I wanted to do some visuals for the story.

After leaving Hearst I helped Bryan out with visuals for the project with some preliminary character concept sketchs and some various vehicles to support the project that you see above. Brian has a company called Novel Comics that he does all his story work out of as a freelance writer in Hollywood CA.

A very fun project that took place in the swamp, and I return to the swamp house theme in my 3D as seen above with the model I sell of the Cajun Swamphouse on TurboSquid[ link on sidebar>>].

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