Friday, March 11, 2011

Project Review: James Bond 007:Die Another Day 2002

A 3D Model of a Walther PPK in glass for the Print Advertising done for Die Another Day.

An alternate angle rendered on the 3D Model of the Walther PPK in glass.

Here is an exploded view of the PPK I build knowing it would be X-Rayed so to speak so it needed guts.

A shattered Camera Iris done in Ice[ An Art Director asked for this, but once I built it I figured he wanted the barrel rifling so I made that too]

Looking into the PPK loaded.

Looking out the PPK,... Where's James?

A quick Ice room comp for a print idea.

Die Another Day
James Bond 007

Client: MGM via BLT and Associates.
Art Director: n/a.
Project Date:Summer and Fall 2002.

While designing over at BLT and Associates for a variety of Film advertising campaigns, I was assigned to the new James Bond film, Die Another Day, which had a large component of "ice" being used in the film, so it was pushed into the concepts.

My first task was to build out a Walther PPK, the gun used by James Bond in all his films. I went online and found blueprints to it and I had just a day to build it out., so no quads I used regular Boolean Operands.

This was the first of many firearms I have built fully inside and out. I did the rifling or twists inside the gun barrel as well which is also an iconic image for Bond in 3D as well. Look for a second posting for this same project shortly on the 3D Logos I did as well.

Cheers, THOM

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