Thursday, March 10, 2011

Napkin Sketching: PART IV

A sketched design for an Asian girl on stilt-sandals with a fruity drink.

A depressed Nigerian Woman at the bar with a spilled drink in front of her reflection on her life.

A couple of aliens in space gear.

A furry Devil Dog skewered with a Pirate Cutlass.

Happy Fish!

Napkin Sketching Part IV

In this fourth installment of the Napkin Sketches I do while out and about, I am posting some characters I designed while sitting at the bar drinking my Newcastle nut Brown Ale[ back when I could].

Every character was inspired by at least two people I saw, that I and combined attributes from into one character.

I remember back when I submitted my work to Art Center that they wanted my sketch books more than my finished art, and latter I realized they wanted to see my ideas and thinking more than execution. The final Art Execution is what y would nurture, but my initial ideas were what they wanted to see the most. I agree that it is very important to show the development of a design as the road you take will tell your process.

You can view the other parts here:




Cheers, THOM

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