Friday, March 4, 2011

Project Review: Raveonettes Video "Heart of Stone" Emmy Awards Honors PART II

My Primetime Emmy Awards 2009-2010 Honors Certificate I received this week, Nice!

A Re-Posting of the first sketch I did for the project[ my favorite!]

Another Re-Post of the Lungs without and steam to keep them running sketch I did.

Emmy Awards 2009-2010 Honors Certificate
for the
Raveonettes' Music Video: Heart of Stone

Client: Blind.
Art Director: Chris Do.
Project Date: January 2010

I posted the sketches originally on the blog, about one year back here, and this week I recieved this in the mail. Chris Do, won the Emmy for Art Direction for the Music Video, but theose who helped, also recieved a certificate of Honors as I have scanned above, and just found out about.

I love Steampunk design and Jules Verne looking concepts , so to be able to design these sets for the production was an honor for me. I love the sketch jobs which are fewer and fewer with the majority of my work being 3D Illustrations, and the subject matter for them was a joy to do.

Cheers, THOM

Details are over on Blinds website below:

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