Monday, April 9, 2012

Project Review: History of Rock and Roll 2004: 3D DVD Packaging Motion Graphics

 A frame for the middle of the 3D animation I set up for The History of Rock and Roll's advertising Motion Graphics I did back in 04'.

 Here is a frame nearing the end of the the 'fanning out" 3D move I did in 3DS max back in 2004 for The History of Rock and Roll.

 A first and Last frame of the box for the DVD's from the animation.

 Here is the Poly view of the main file.

 A close up on the Polygon Model I built out for the TV spot.

 Here we have an exploded view showing all the basic parts I built out for the case. I build it just like the real one with hollow centers to fit the artwork on and all internal supports that would show in the plex etc.

Project Review
History of Rock and Roll 2004
3D DVD Packaging Motion Graphics

Client: Warner Home Video via The Cimarron Group.
Art Director: Susan Adams.
Project Date: Spring 2004

I had only been in-house at The Cimarron Group for a year when this little gig came by my desk, I was tasked with building out a custom case for six DVD videos for The History of Rock and Roll, for Susan Adams in the Home Entertainment Division at Cimarron.

The disc case was to open up and fan out revealing all six DVD's, as well as the liner notes etc in the front and back sleeves. 

I built it all out and set up the file for a SD final render[ Pre-HD]. I also rendered out a few images above showing the construction I did specifically for the plexiglass cases. I used n-Powers,  Power Solids Plug-in for 3DSmax for this, and converted the file over the quads. 

A fun project to build light and eventually animate.

Cheers, THOM

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