Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Project Review: Tiberium 3D Logos and Illustrations PART II

A Logo provided by Calvin Sumler in Design as a vector, was then made three dimensional by me and executed in about six variations of metal crystal and a combo.

Here is a two level design with a larger holding device off the back in a cool green crystal material I built.

Using the same vector from above a one layer crystal with the "infection" scatter object technique to infect the lower section of the type.

I did a few ICON marks for Matt Stainner as well, and I "infected" them all with a variety of sizes and shapes of Tiberium crystals.

For this one I used the Molecular files I did for a few projects to give the logo an Electron Microscope POV feel to the executed 3D renders in Print and ready for AV motion Graphics as well.

This Last entry was a File from the Game Company that they wanted to see a few variations in colors on. We went with Orange to compliment the majority of green in all the comps. A Bio Hazard type of feel was achieved.

3D Logos and 3D Illustrations

Client: EA- Entertainment Arts Video Games via The Cimarron Group.
Art Director(s): Matt Stainner[Prod], Calvin Sumler[AD]Project Date: Winter 2007.

While at Cimarron in 2007, I did a few pitches for the Video Game Division there, headed up by Matt Stainer, and Tiberium, and today I have posted PART II, with additional assets I created for the base pitch.

The game concept and work was very fun to execute, as I got to experiment with growing crystals onto my designs as an added layer of "infection" to the design.

Green Glass was the order of the day, in cool blue green, and lime green warm versions with red reflections as well. A fun time!

Cheers, THOM

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