Friday, July 1, 2011

Command and Conquer: Generals- Video Game Cover 3D Illustration 2002.

The First Comp had all Tanks up front that I Illustrated in 3D for Command and Conquer.

Here is the early pass at the full 3 DVD wide cover 3D Illustration I did for the game.

Here we moved the Pick-Up trucks to the foreground. I took a stock model and modified it to match the low-rez game asset with the brush bar guns etc.

The Paladin Tank that ended up as the "hero" tank for the finish.

Here we see the boxed set using the 3D Illustration form the series.

Here is a back cover piece for showing game screen shots in a Command center area.

Command and Conquer: Generals
Video Game Cover 3D Illustration 2002

Client: Entertainment Arts Games via BLT and Associates. Art Director: n/a. Project Date: Fall 2002.

When I was doing 3D Illustrations for BLT and Associates I would work for the various Departments and provide assets to their Art Teams to incorporate into the assets they delivered, be it a 2D image, 3D or a Motion Graphics Animated sequence, and for Video Games I primarily did 3D Illustrations for the Front and Back covers of the DVD Video games.

Here you can review the work I did for Generals for the Command and Conquer series and these three cases would line up into a single piece of artwork when displayed in-store. I use stock models, I modified stock models and I also built the custom Tanks and such from scratch to create this large 3D scene for three covers at once. The render was almost 9000 pixels wide for the final and rendered in layers for the finishers needs.

Cheers, THOM

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