Friday, March 25, 2011

Project Review: Sucker Punch

The finished poster from over at the premiere movie poster site here

A huge Sucker Punch Movie Billboard render at 18,000 pixels wide done with multiple light sources with all logos in a single file render.

Here is a behind the Art view at the three main steps I used to create the type.

A straight on view of the final logo with Simbiont Procedural scratching and photographic dirt and grime used with the Cebas Final Render Shaders.

This was the final view and lighting for the Payoff Poster for the film Sucker Punch.

An earlier concept type treatment where it was extruded about double deep.

Rendered for the red lit comp done for the character Rocket from Sucker Punch.

Rendered for the yellow lit comp done for the character Blondie from Sucker Punch.

Rendered for the green-yellow lit comp done for the character Amber from Sucker Punch.

Rendered for the cool lit comp done for the character Sweet Pea from Sucker Punch.

Ask and you shall receive! Here is the requested "Baby Doll" Logo I did. Enjoy...

Sucker Punch 2011

Client: Warner Brothers Pictures via Mojo LLC.
Creative Direction: Andrew Percival. 
Art Director(s): Alessandro Cornia. 
Project Date: November and December 2010.

This is my very first theatrical finish for Mojohouse LLC , for work I did last year around the holidays for Sucker Punch, which came out today in theaters. This was a fun conceptual film to help create artwork on. I had worked with Alessandro 9 years prior, over at BLT and Associates in Hollywood, and I enjoyed working with him in the past. I also worked very close with the studio Creative Director, Andrew Percival on the property for about two months on various aspects of the advertising.

I built out all the 3D text using a quad modeling method to soften the shapes up more, and round all edges down, to take away the CG sharp look. Once the look was approved by the client I did all the variations for the other names and applications. I added in procedural scratching, as well as photographic dirt and grime to the chrome material to get the look just right as directed by the Creative Director at Mojo.

Also on this job, I was able to light each type treatment on a per piece basis, and reflect the comp itself into the type, so lighting and colors were key to each use. I did many names in a basic chrome with a blue-sky background, and then I did specific to comp ones, in red, green, and blue etc.

I also did a big wide 30 sheet render with all names in a single file so the perspective would match and, this comp was lit by multiple colored lighted backgrounds from the flat artwork, and still look somewhat real. That image alone was a 19,000 pixel wide render and they needed the assets at a huge scale. A normal 30 sheet uses a 5000 pixel wide render so this was extra big.

Cheers, THOM


  1. I could'n find Baby Doll's Logo :(

  2. Hi :) Just wondering if you are going to do Baby Doll's logo as well, I'd love to see it!! :)

  3. Yugo and Mok0na, I just posted it up for you both, thanks for the interest.

    I have a few more, so I may do a follow up Post too.

    Cheers, THOM

  4. Wow!! It looks amazing. :D Love your work!