Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Project Review: Agent Cody Banks 2:Destination London

Here is the rooftop comp I rendered out of the 3D mini car I designed for the shot.

Here is a side view render of the same mini car used for the pitch on Agent Cody Banks 2.

Here is a shot showing the quad model for the car body I built. I had 10 Hrs. to do the whole car.

This 3D Illustration was the James Bond look, with a Agent Cody Banks hanging on a wire between the buildings.

Here is the raw model I built for the rooftop set. I reused a few parts from my Perfect Score Rooftop for this to go faster.

Here's the 3D render used to pitch Agent Cody Banks 2.

Agent Cody Banks 2
Destination London

Client: MGM via BLT and Associates.
Art Director: na
Project Date: Fall 2003.

One of my final in-house projects I worked on at BLT and Associates, was the sequel to Agent Cody Banks, Cody Banks 2: Destination London. Since part two took place in London, and one very fun item I had to make was an original mini cooper, but it needed to be a generic "60's Mini car". As I am trained in automotive design this was a fun proposal, but I had one day to do this, and needed to design, model, and render out the image for the comp ideas.

I did all 3D Virtual Photo shoots and created full street scenes looking down a building to the street below,a s well as a rooftop set with an up angle on the cast back lit by the moon.

All in all this was a very enjoyable project to work on before I left BLT that fall, to work at The Cimarron Group for the next six years.

Cheers, THOM

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