Monday, July 19, 2010

Project Review: The Island 2005 PART I

The "Embryo" idea one-sheet used a glass logo looking into the liquid with a human clone inside with all the tubes and wires coiled around the comp.

The Finished Chrome Logo used in the opening credits of the film.

An early concept for the title Logo done for the print team.

The Headgear used in the "Embryo" chambers for the clone was needed to fit a number of photos so I built and rendered a few views using a Mannequin for scale.

A 3D Model matching a film prop for the Security Bracelets the clones wear.

A "generic" earphone built for an AV teaser[ also for sale online].

A few DNA stands built and rendered in various ways for the print work.

The Island 2005 PART I

Client: Warner Brothers via The Cimarron Group.
Art Director(s): Eric and Calvin Sumler.
Project Date: Winter 2004

While running the 3D Department at Cimarron I worked on the AV and Print campaign for the new Michael Bay film, "The Island". We did a bunch of logos but the client locked in on a logo very early on so I matched the look for the AV cards, but I also did the animated Logos for both Dreamworks, and Warner brother done in Chrome found at he opening of the film as well in AV.

For print work, we did a lot of experimentation with props from the film that I rebuilt so we could use them at any angle needed by the Art Directors. A fun project that spread out over about 6 months.

Cheers, THOM

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