Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Enemy ship that hunts the "miners" made from Crystal.

A standard Space Ore cart[empty] that the miners use to transport Ore.

A generic Spaceship design that would articulate and change a bit[ not-transform as much as bend]

A second Generic Ship in a Side View.

Space Miners

Client: Brandon Smith Prod.
Art Director: Brandon Smith.
Project Date: Summer 1997

In this second part on the pitch packages I did for Animated shows, these sketches were a few concept ideas I had for some of the vehicles for the show that were modeled and animated in Alias as well. One concept was a ship made of crystal and rock, while most were standard fare SciFi.

It is very fun work designing spaceships, but the show was never picked up. Total time was about 6 Hours of work to design and execute the concepts for delivery to Brandon on these four designs.

To review the "Miner" characters form the prior post click THIS!:

Cheers, THOM

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