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Project Review R.I.P.D.-3D R.I.P.D. Concept Badge 3D-Logo Icon Design for Key Art 2011. Cold Open PART II

 Here is the final Design presented for the R.I.P.D. Badge Concept for the Teaser Posters I built out in 3D.
 I did a warmer metal version with less dirt and aging for this one. The idea was to be able to paint between the two renders to get a dual finish feel, so the edges could be worn back to the brass casting etc.
 A darker version with a bit of edge lighting to it for RIPD.
To create the badge as a single molded part I first create all the parts separately.
Here are all the parts placed and ready for the Pro-Boolean operation. NOTE: I always save this[ and all steps separately] in case I need to go back to adjust, since all Booleans are a bit squirly.
Here all parts are combined into one with the mesh output set to QUADS.
A apply a bend in both X and Y directions to dish the badge.
The second bend is applied to the modifier stack in 3DSmax.
The final design with the subdivision added[ here it is with one level, though the finals had 2]
 A view of the final R.I.P.D. badge design with the skull and cap with dual firearms added up top.

Project Review
3D R.I.P.D. Concept Badge 3D-Logo Icon Design for Key Art 2011.
Cold Open PART II

Client: Universal Pictures via Cold Open.
Art Direction: Gardner DeFranceaux.
Project Date: December 2011.

This is my fourth post on R.I.P.D., and my second for the Agency Cold Open. They were doing Comps for RIPD, and came up with a great design for a badge so they contacted me to create the 3D sculpted version for the teaser posters.

I received the vector outline files from Gardner, and we discussed the look he wanted to have with it so I proceeded to create the parts necessary to make the badge. Most quicker 3D models I make, are all separate parts and retain a very sharp edge in the parts themselves as well as at the intersections, but when you look close-up on most badges, they are cast and molded parts, with blended parts with filets and rounds thru-out the design, and this was the route that they wated to go.

I had developed a quick technique to do this using the Pro-Boolean in 3DS max, and this technique is dependent on that Plug-In as it can output the file in a Quad" format so that the faces come subdivided and ready to go for the most part.

Once the Pro-boolean was completed I added two bend commands to dish the badge, as all badges are not quite flat but are dished and bent to conform to the human body better, so I applied this onto the mesh output then subdivided the final. I added in the skull with police hat, as well as a pair of firearms[ I had not built the special gun from the film yet, and would have replaced it with them if this did go to a finish].

A super fun concept to flesh out.

                       Cheers, THOM

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