Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Project Review: Medical Product Dispenser 3D Modeling 2010.

 The final 3D model of the Medical Dispenser I made back in 2010.

 An overhead shot shows the part lines and details in the 3D file.

 The textured and rendered finished file.

 A fully subdivided final model showing the wireframe build.

 The Low-Poly base design that I made for this Subdivision 3D all Quad model.

 A closer look at the geometry on the top of the dispenser.

 Here is a semi exploded view of the 3D file.

Project Review
Medical Product Dispenser
3D Modeling 2010.

Art Direction: Myself.
Project Date: April 2010.

Three years ago, I did a one day 3D modeling job for a former colleage from BLT to recreate a virtual version of a new medical dispenser. 

I regularly build out objects from scratch to assist other 3D and Motion Graphics teams with getting the asset they need at a high level of detail, and with my advanced surfacing training from Art Center, Industrial Designers like myself are perfectly suited to build these type of objects out.

As usual, I was not given the actual object itself, but just a few photos, and I built it out from there.

I created a very detailed 3D model for this Medical Dispenser that was to have multiple uses. I often am given a quick Product Design modeling project like this, and for this job, I built out this dispenser with partlines and all details modeling into the 3D file that were needed for the project. 

I did a few renders of the object that I was directed to create for Alan.

Cheers, THOM

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