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Project Review: Fight Lab 3D Logo Exploration for THQ Game Studio 2009 PART I

The THQ Fight Lab 3D Logo had to include barbed wire and a fist int he typography solution as well.

 A 3D Logo with crossed fists and barbed wire top and bottom like this.

 I curved the extrusion as a typical car emblem has so the reflection horizon would fall where I wanted it to, and it is better for lighting than a flat surface.

 The fist would animate in for MGFX apps in this solution with the type hanging on the the sheet music barbed wires.

 A BIG fist icon with the smaller type over the holding device for THQ.

 Did an alternate with double fists and the type in the negative space.

 A spiral of ever decreasing scaled fists on each side in this version. I was inspired by this KA logo.

 The dueling fists turned out to form a "V".

 Fists as bookends with the logo inside the locked in barbed wire.

 Love the cut out in this type provided to me.

 A shot with a whole bunch of barbed wire, double fists, and a Single-point-beveled type treatment, my design, my fave.
Project Review
Fight Lab 3D Logo Exploration
for THQ Game Studio 2009

Client: THQ via Wellbrand Inc. via The Cimarron Group.
Art Direction: Goutam Mitra.
Project Date: May 2009.

        Back in May 2009 I was still in-house at The Cimarron Group[ R.I.P.], and I would bring work into the department from outside using a producer friend, Goutam Mitra a fellow ACCD ID grad whom I have had the pleasure of working with for a few decades, and he brought this 3D logo work to me from THQ.

I did 2D conceptual design work for THQ a decade earlier on the Scobby Doo Game here, so I was familiar with the game companys product and level of quality. THQ wanted to start a second division for MMA games called at the time 'Fight Lab", and I developed a series of two dozen 3D logos with some key images as directed.

It was to have a clenched fist, as well as some barbed wire or chain link for a cage fight type of feel, so off I went to develop the 3D surfaces for the Logo. You will note that there are no textures on the project as I did form studys first.

Sadly THQ went out of business and the Fight Lab name changed to RAGE anyhow, so these were not used.

In this first part, we've looked at the first half of the logos for Fight Lab, look for added parts in the days and weeks to come.

Cheers, THOM

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