Friday, January 13, 2012

Project Review: Real-D Cinemas 3D Logo Design Exploration

 Here is a shot of what I delivers as a final, though in the end it was scrapped by the client.

 In this quad view you can see the fillet of the text as it extrudes out from the back-plate wit the rounded edge.

 An early design using neon red in the tag line, 'cinema', along with a dropped camera view of the model.

 A double key-line with red neon on both type sections.
 In this design I attempted to show them caustic reflections[ low rez at this point], but it was too 'busy' for them.

 This comp was the 'Dog-Tag' idea with a plate of sandwiched materials, that would be used in the MGFX where we moved around the design.

 Thin type for Real-D cinemas,  floating over the back-plate to emphasize 3D in real space.

 Here we see the above design with minor caustics on as well as a more centered camera view of the 3D asset.

Project Review
Real-D Cinemas 3D Logo Design Exploration

Client: Read-D Cinemas via The Cimarron Group.
Art Direction: Myself.
Project Date: Summer 2006.

With 3D Stereoscopic Movies on the rise, there are many players looking to become the VHS, in this current format war, so we assisted Read-D with some 3D Logo explorations back in 2006 while I was running my 'lil department for the company in-house.

The logo itself as far as the font choice, was locked, but in 3D I have a whole bunch of room to  get creaive with depth, bends, and extrusions. For Read-D I went with a basic metal, with a red glow as our accent color.

I did about 6 designs at a lower rez, and tried to sell them on caustic reflections[ I went low rez at first[ less samples as seen it the grain of the reflections], but they wanted a super clean logo. 

The final was rendered at 5K for IMAX applications.

Cheers, THOM

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