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Project Review: The Phantom 2040- PARTLXXVI [76]-Main Character Design Adjustments

Sean-One was the tallest character as he lived in a space station so with zero gravity he got even taller. This is the overlay I did to bring the shapes of his suit to conform with the designs I did for the B.I.O.T.'s in the show. Here he is in color.

Vaingloria was the 2040 version of Madonna, with songs sung by Debbie Harry from Blonde fame. I added more curves to the outfit and then did the color key.

Not much to do with Sagan Cruz, so I added a wrapping and interlocking holster to her outfit and adjusted the boot design slightly with some louvered details.
Hey, I did go to Car Design school so if I can punch in a few louvers I will! :o)

Dr. Jak, our 2040 Howard Stern was voiced by Mark Hamill, know as Mr. Skywalker to those of us old enough to have been there in 76'. I modified his outfit and added wraps etc to his look.

Guran, Kit Walkers sidekick and mentor, he a had slight adjusting as well and some two piece boot designed to add in the interlocking look to him. Here he is in color.

Phantom 2040-PART LXXV [76th]
Main Character Design Adjustments

Client: Hearst Animation Productions.
Art Director: Myself.
Project Date Spring 1993.

In this, my 76th post on the Hearst Animation Productions hit, The Phantom 2040, a television animated show from 1995. I have posted today the design overlay drawing that I did for some of the main characters for the show.

Before I worked at Hearst Animation Productions, they had contracted work out to Peter Chung as his MTV hit, Aeon Flux was at it's peak back in 93', and they wanted to develop The Phantom in this new gaunt look that he developed for those characters. Peter had provided design sketches for all the main characters, and once his contract work was done, they began to develop the city backgrounds using Paul Lasaine for this work.

Once I came in 1993, due to the recommendation of Paul Lasaine, I developed a basic theme for the show, and this was first based on the proportions of Peters characters, and secondly I had just finished a themed restaurant in Beverly Hills and I was well versed in a few Architectural styles and so I went with my new found Arch-Love, Art Nouveau.

I felt the wrapping and interlocking floral fluid shapes would be a great theme for Sci-Fi, as most has been in the "Nurnies" look made famous with Star Wars with big geometry shapes covers with tons of little tiny unrecognizable details. I pitched something a bit different, and they liked it!

So, Rather than a actual real-life proportion of an 8 head tall character, I did 12-15 head tall characters and made them all gaunt thin. This combined with Art Nouveau as the architectural world, and we start to see The Phantom 2040 look come together.

The last big piece was the stretched tall and thin theme, and this came directly from when I was a kid. If you have ever seen a Cinema-Scope 70mm film squished on an old TV you will remember how thin everyone was, and this was the look I was after. I wanted the doors to look like mail slots in the walls where these overly gaunt creatures would live. A very different world indeed.

So these are simple overlays that I did to slightly modify the outfits of the designs done by Peter. These were designed a year prior to me coming onto the project as Art Director and Conceptual Designer, so I adjusted the shapes a bit, to add in an Art Nouveau feel as well as just some basic art adjusting.

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Cheers, THOM

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