Friday, April 19, 2013

Project Review: The fighting Temptations 2003. Key Art 3D Illustration of Handcuffs

 The final angle as delivered: Straight on Front view from The Fighting Temptations from back in 2003.

 A dropped camera with a lower angle emphasizing the open cuff below.

 A 3/4 side view showcasing the multi-plate design in the main cuff base.

This exploded view shows the basic build out I performed to create the prop. I built no internal gears or details, as this was not a see thru X-Ray project so I built out just the key pin that it slides onto inside, nothing else.

A Polygon render shows that many parts are just complex Pro-Booleans.

 Here is a Close up showing the recessed welds in the forged chain and the beveled teeth in the swing out ratcheted cuff arm.

Project Review
The fighting Temptations 2003
 Key Art 3D Illustration of Handcuffs

Client: Paramount Pictures Via BLT Communications.
Art Director: Ronnie Blumenberg, and Tracy Weston.
Project Date: March 2003.

I always like to revisit older projects in my body of 3D work I have done,and today I have put up a behind the art posting covering the 3D illustrations that I did for the One Sheet Key Art Presentations for the film, The Fighting Temptations, back in 2003 while I was in-house at BLT and Associates[ Now BLT Communications].

BLT understood it was faster and less expensive to have me build virtual handcuffs than to to thru the trouble of doing a Professional Photo shoot to get the asset, so they tasked me with a quick build and a few renders for the poster with a Virtual Photo shoot.

They wanted the cuffs built with one cuff swung open and I rendered it out a various angles for the comps needed. A job like this was a little over a half day, and I built this fast without a full subdivision model, though if it was today, I would now do it 100% subdivsion, but none the less they came out nice with the mini beveled plates stacked up and catching some light glints on the fun little ridges in the shots made a simple object look nice, and that is always a fun task at hand.

Cheers, THOM

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