Monday, June 4, 2012

Project Review BATTLESHIP 3D animated Logo for Motion Graphics PART IV

 Here was the seated logo at frame 075, with the wave moving across the type  Screen Left to right.

 Here is a 3/4 view showing the type at an anhgle floating above the water surface enough to read, but deep enough to get splashed.

 Here are the SD style frames for the final animation for this Battleship behind the scenes logo.

 Here is the quad view showing the construction of the basic scene. This is frame 075 as well.

 Here is the 3/4 view showing the amount of tile I had on the text.

Project Review
3D Animated Logo for Motion Graphics

Client: Universal Pictures via Herzog and Company
Art Director: Noah Krauss
Project Date:  February 2010.

Today I've  posted my fourth Battleship posting in a series on the work I did the past few years, and today I look at the only Motion Graphics work I did for the feature film advertising, and behind the scenes assets for the film. This was a straight forward set up for an animated card with some stylized water.

I was provided a JPG still of a logo given to them by the client, so I rebuilt the vectors and the 3D asset as well to begin the b project. At the time Cebas Final Render came out with the new Ocean object for 3DSmax and this scene was the first time I used both the procedural object, as well as the material Fr_Ocean that came with the newest renderer back then as well.

It was a 100 frame test done at SD rez with HD final frames for delivery. I also did a series of 3D cards for Motion Graphics as well. A fun little project.

Here is a link to the animation on my YouTube Channel.

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  2. Jasim Abbas,

    Thank you for the kind words! I have plenty to post, so stay tuned!

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