Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Project Review: 3D Logo Design for RUSH Boxed CD Set 2010.

 The main 3D logo for the print work for RUSH done in 2010.

 Here is a very dark top lit angled shot. This was essentially a style frame done for the Motion Graphics asset.

 A brighter 3D logo with a bit of green and warmth added to the scene.

 A full volumetric back-lit version with the logo remaining bright enough to see but dark enough to read on the light background light rays.

 Here is the Color Picker, a render I provide the Art Director to isolate parts o for post production, as with this no masking is needed with a smart 3D asset.

 Here we see the polygon build of the logo, a super-simple multi-layered beveled spline object.

Project Review
3D Logo Design for
RUSH Boxed CD Set 2011

Client: Anthem Entertainment for RUSH via BPG.
Art Direction: Dustin Stanton.
Project Date: March 2010.

A few years back I did this little job for BPG out of Hollywood, for both the print and AV applications for a re-release of a set of CD's for the band Rush. I provided still to print and the 3D Model asset itself, to the Motion Graphics team.

I happen to LOVE the band RUSH, as I grew up in the 70's and 80's, so it was a pleasure to do this bit of work.

They wanted a multi layered platinum look to the logo. They provided me with the logo from the late 70's and I dimensionalized it with soft rounded bevels and a few plates deep, in a stacked design.So off I went.

I did a few version at various angles and what you see above is what was to get finished, though they switched all logos at the end of the project run[ typical], so this hit the floor. 

I also provided alpha channels Z-Depth masks, and a color picker layer so the Creative Director could isolate areas of the logo to do quicker post work in Photoshop using what I term, "Smart 3D".

Fun any way you slice it.

Cheers, THOM

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