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The New Adventures of Flash Gordon PART VII Character Design Development: Dale Arden

 For every alternate design I did for Dale Arden, I did a few things for each design: I changed the weapon designs, the hairstyle, and the graphics on the skin tight suit.
 Here is a third pass I did for the Dale Arden design.

 Here is the only color Key I had of Dale Arden before handing the designs off to Nick Pugh.

 Here is a pencil cleaned line art of Nicks Design for Dale Arden, by far the favorite in the studio.

Here she is in a rage of anger at Ming no less!

The New Adventures of Flash Gordon PART VII
 Character Design Development: Dale Arden

Client: Hearst Animation Productions.
Art Director: Myself.
Project Date: Spring 1994.

This is my seventh installment on the work I performed on the Television Series, The New Adventures of Flash Gordon, for Hearst Animation Productions back in the mid 90's while I was overseeing the final episodes of The Phantom 2040 finish up, and I have posted development sketches I did back while I was Art Director/Conceptual Designer for the company on The Phantom.

I did a few weeks of designs myself before I got was able to bring in my friend, Nick Pugh, to design out all main characters, and he hit it out of the park!

I cleaned up his designs into an animation style clean line drawing done with a .5mm pencil, that was then inked for the final style sheets.

Cheers, THOM

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