Monday, May 21, 2012

Project Review BATTLESHIP 3D Icon designs PART II

A Chrome version of the proposed BATTLESHIP Icon I sculpted in 3D with the red lighting from 'the mouth'.

A blurred reflection on this pass gives a bit of a sandblasted look to the metal, I also dialed up the lower red lighting to catch more edges.

A much brighter reflection map was used for this polished metal look I did for Battleship the film, for the advertising pitches the past few years.

I love doing glass logos[ see here], and this was done prior to bending the Aliens Ships wings down more, but the effect had internal caustics as well.

Here is a Camera view of the final mesh I built for Battleship.

Here you can see the base mesh and final in a birds eye shot.
Project Review
3D Icon designs PART II

Client: Universal Pictures via Mojohouse.
Art Director: Andrew Percival.
Project Date:  March 2011.

This weekend the film, Battleship finally came out, so I am pleased to continue with this my second part in a series on the work I did for the advertising pitches around town here in Hollywood. I worked for four different vendors over the last three years on this film, and today I have a post dealing with the Icons I designed for Andrew Percival over at Mojo for the poster presentations.

I worked with Mojo most noted on a finish I did for Sucker Punch, and this task was to create an Icon with a stylized version of a battleship and an alien craft as seen in the film.

At the time I got a concept sketch 3/4 view, and I had to come up with this simple front view based on that one painting. I built it all as a Quad Model, and smoothed it out at render with a Subdivision modifier[ turbo-smooth in 3DSmax].

I wanted it to have a fully molded feel with soft rounds for all edges since I was doing metals and glass as a finished look, and the reflections will wrap the mesh much better in geometry like that as a single object, though it takes a bit more time and effort up front to build this way.

Above I also posted the mesh views, so you can see how I built it out. Look for more posts from the other vendors in the future.

You can view PART I here.

Cheers, THOM

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