Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Project Review BATTLESHIP 3D Logo designs PART III

This BATTLESHIP vector file was designed by Calvin Sumler and handed off to me to make dimensional. It came 'pinched' in the middle by him.

Here is the above vector done for Battleship posters, extruded at 400% and we are now below it looking up.

For this Battleship Title design, I did a hollowed out face that is pushed in to create the deep shadowing in the letter face areas.

I took the above Battleship Logo file, and extruded it back into a 3D fog and lowered the camera again on this one.

 A two layer design done for Battleship with the back 'holding device' a bit bigger with a nice overlap to catch the light glimmers.

For this 3D Logo design, I sliced up the model[ adding geometry] so I could bend the face back to get a better reflection across the center.

Here is another version of the logo bent back now a bit darker metal with some red back-lighting

Project Review
3D Logo designs PART III

Client: Universal Pictures via The Cimarron Group.
Art Director: Calvin Sumler.
Project Date:  December 2009.

Today I've  posted my third in a series on the work I did the past few years here and there for the film Battleship for four different advertising houses here in Los Angeles.

Today I have put up my second set of 3D logos I build out for Art Director Calvin Sumler over at my former full-time employer The Cimarron Group.

This second set is based on a few vector files executed in multiple ways as usual. I develop one nice look and then I do alternates on that look. I often will bend or stretch the model as well as adjust and change all materials textures and lighting to provide a good variety of looks the Art Direction teams can pick from.

You can view my prior posts on BATTLESHIP below:
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Cheers, THOM

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