Thursday, May 3, 2012

Phantom 2040: PART 100! B.I.O.T. Development sketches

An Developed design I did for a female B.I.O.T., it was not finished[ One-Leg] when I changed direction a bit. I still love the hollow heel shoes I did for this one...

Speaking of Heels, here is the final simple design, it is partly based on the proportions of a Quad Speed Skate boot[ I raced in the 80's].

The B.I.O.T Hands consisted of just 4 fingers with a tube that could bend as the center of each finger[ minus the thumb]. 

Here we  have a B.I.O.T. in a trench coat from the show.

Phantom 2040
PART 100!
 B.I.O.T. Development sketches

Client: Hearst Animation Productions.
Art Director: Myself.
Project Date Spring 1993.

This is my 100th post my work from the TV animated series, The Phantom 2040 from in the early ninety's, and this marks my 100th post today for Phantom.

I was given a great opportunity very early in my career with Hearst to develop and help produce the 52 episodes for The Phantom twenty-forty, and I am glad that I have been able to share these scans of my artwork and design contributions to the look of that show.

Today I have B.I.O.T. stuff up to review. The BIOT's were the AI robots from The Phantom, and what you see above is the development work. I have an early Female bot as well as my roughs for working out the hands and feet for the robots as well. Also a trench coat B.I.O.T. in there too.

Here is to 100 more!

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Cheers, THOM

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