Friday, May 18, 2012

Project Review: BATTLESHIP- PART I

 For this first Battleship Log I built out in 3D for Calvin Sumler at Cimarron, I put a plated metal hull in front, with a polished edge with water behind it.

 Here we still see water behind the logo a bit more green now, with some framing in the foreground.

 I tried a version with horizontal metal elements that break up the plate around the logo cut thru.

 A concave surface with the logo curved around to match the bend.

 A convex variation now with some 'tech-circuits' cut outs on the metal hull.

 A volumetric light coming from the BATTLESHIP logo with blue light beams.

 A nice dark metal with highly polished edge again,with some blue glowing light from behind the cut-out from down below.

 A brighter version with a double plate foreground element.

 A slightly curved back logo with a variation on the tech-web textures outside the font.

 Here is another version of the logo using the same lighting and materials from my X-Men logos I have done.

Project Review
3D Logo designs PART I

Client: Universal Pictures via The Cimarron Group.
Art Director: Calvin Sumler.
Project Date:  December 2009.

Today the film, Battleship finally came out, so I am pleased to start off with this my first part in a series on the work I did for the advertising pitches around town here in Hollywood. I worked for four different vendors over the last three years on this film, and today I start of with some very early work done back in 2009 for The Cimarron Group on the 3D Logo design.

I worked with the Art Director Calvin Sumler there, and for today  I cover my concepts explored for the logo as seen above. You will notice that all ten designs above,are all based on a single illustrator file. Just one design with multiple 3D interpretations.

As a 3D designer when I get a 2D file it can be interpreted in many ways and this post above shows a little of that. The basics I had to follow were that the logo was a hole in the ship itself, or some other alien surface and I was given the font to use.

At the time we had no photos from the film so I worked on heavy metals as rusted aged military green-blue steel was the general fell Calvin wanted to show.

I will have at least three more posts from The Cimarron Group on this as well as the work I did for three other vendors in the weeks to come. Enjoy!

Cheers, THOM

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