Monday, November 2, 2009

Project Review: Underworld One-Sheet

Client: BLT and Associates
Art Director: Dustin Stanton
Project Date: April 2003

I was given a shot of Kate Beckinsale lit as needed for a comp idea. They needed an Eastern European turn of the century look to an edge of a building that she was to be standing on, and they needed it by the end of day, and I had 5 Hours left to design, build texture, and render it. plus I needed to get feedback and get it approved.

As an ex-Imagineer I was accustomed to understanding visual themes and I needed to design and model simultaneously and my past experience in restaurant design helped prepare me for this task.

Matching the bright edge lighting with the blue-green fill so the Art Director could drop it into the comp quickly was what I delivered. I was glad to hear that the work made it through and finished for the Teaser One Sheet. We also did some exploration for the back of the DVD and a huge advantage to 3D is that we re purposed the pieces I built for the roof ledge and created a new comp for the back of a DVD where Kate would be kneeling on the side with the copy to the left. Though the design did not finish the application of the SMART 3D asset was great in that the second image took 30 minutes total to create as it piggybacked on the first which is always good for the bottom line.

Cheers, THOM

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