Monday, November 30, 2009

Current Title Treatment FINISH

Clash Posters have leaked all over the net!

My current and final finish from my 6 years at The Cimarron Group, is the title treatment for the posters and AV trailers for the new Clash of the Titans film. From what I can gather the poster designs are from another studio, but the logo that I did a few months back is what is being used in these poster comps.

I did about 20 logo designs working with the talent over at Cimarron and they have moved between two designs, a serifed one in print designed by Rob Russell, and the San-serifed one used in the AV trailer designed by Adrienne Burk. I literally did the 2nd logo for AV the last day I worked at Cimarron. Not sure who did the AV piece, but the AV logo is a single point bevel that looks like what I built for print.

UPDATE: They Did go San Serif. 12-19-2009.

Cheers, THOM

Link in Post title goes to leaked posters from a few weeks back.

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