Friday, June 8, 2012

Project Review BATTLESHIP 3D Logo-Icon designs PART V

Here is the main Icon we arrived at with all three elements: The Battleship up top, the title in between, and the Alien craft below.

 Here is an alt. with no holding plate so we see through the new 3D type to the red alien back lighting.

 A simple plate with just two levels now, and a new font for this round.

 A smaller font was incorporated in this version.[ 10 total were shown].

 I liked this font a lot with the little styled arrows on the "B,A, and E" on the gold top surface.

 Caustic up lighting from the water on this Battleship Logo design sits against brushed steel.

 Here you can see the small 3D water drops added to the main icon and logo in this Battleship 3D Logo I built.
Project Review
3D Logo-Icon designs PART V

Client: Universal Pictures via Percival and Associates[ Mojohouse.]
Art Director: Andrew Percival.
Project Date:  March 2011.

This is my fifth Battleship posting, and my second post for the work I did early on for the Theatrical advertising for Battleship with Mojohouse here in SoCal, now re-formulated into Percival and Associates.
You can view that post for P+A[Mojo] here.

Today I have posted some Icons that included both the main text logo itself, as well as the battleship icon, and "Ringo" the Alien Spacecraft below.

Once I built out a spacecraft that they liked I built out the battleship above and they provided a few variations of fonts for the main title between them.

It is typical in the industry to do a dozen or more looks with just a type swap out or a simple variation to camera or beveling to give the client a wide range to  choose from, so we can anticipate some needs up front

You can view the other parts below:

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-PART III here.
-PART IV here.

Cheers, THOM

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