Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Behind the Art The Under Drawings PART III

 For the Men in Black attraction at Universal Studios Florida ALIEN ATTACK, this is inside Edgar the Bugs mouth, the finale.

 For Men in Black as well, this is inside Edgars windpipe.

 This was done for Michael Ninn for his futuristic City in Dark Justice here.

 The underdrawing I did for the Jungle Cruise Building sketch here.

Behind the Art
The Under Drawings

I have posted here PART III  in my series of under drawings for various 2D projects.

The under drawing is a vital part of the process I use, to get a speedy result. In advertising and in design work in general, it allows me to work faster, so my clients will get more work. I have developed a few techniques I use to create my designs in a timely fashion.

Today I have a few under-drawings from a variety of my projects to show, some from the Universal Studios Tour MIB attraction Alien Attack, one from the VMK,[ 'Virtual Magic Kingdom'] project, as well as the Futuristic City I did for Michael Ninn for the 3D series he produced Dark Justice.

I have linked a few finals to these as well, to get you into the process involved in the design a bit more so you can see the final results from these. I lock in at this rough stage then finish it up.

 I use a hand made perspective grid I make using ship curves,and I do most of these on copy paper, which is abundant and cheap for this. I overlay on Clearprint or 'Vincent' Vellum.

My Prior posts in the series:

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Cheers, THOM

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