Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Project Review: Star Trek:The Original Series: Motion Graphics for DVD sets 2004

 Frame 001 of the DVD case from Season 2 for Star Trek that I built and animated in 3D for the Home Entertainment release back in 2004.

 Frame 45 into the animation as it turns slow to camera...

 Near the end it flips in 10 frame fast to reveal the embossed badge in the back of the case[ Boolean!]

 Frame 001 from Season three for the DVD set release from Paramount Home Entertainment back in 04'

 This one was a slow roll[ gimbal] so it had 320 frames to the animation.

 Here is the model itself front and back in an ambient shader.

 Here is a quad model view of the box I built for the MGFX move, a screen grab from 3DSmax.

Project Review
Star Trek:The Original Series Seasons 2, and 3
Motion Graphics for DVD sets

Client: Paramount Home Entertainment via The Cimarron Group.
Art Direction: Myself and the whole team.
Project Date: October 2004.

I did an occasional Home Entertainment job while at The Cimarron Group, usually as pick-up work, so for this project, Paramount designed these new molded plastic cases and wanted to do a camera move on them so I built them using the nPower Power Solids modeler to get the complex case built fast enough to use in the animation moved that I rendered for the job. I did season two, and three, in blue and red corresponding to the colors for the uniforms from the original TV show.

The delivery was 450 frames at DV rez and I alpha channeled all files so the Motion Graphics team could drop my 3D into he piece for finishing simple enough. 

Nice thing is they change the packaging every few years so the work is always there cycling through.

Cheers, THOM

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