Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Project Review: M & M's World Vegas

Client: Ethel M Chocolates via Landmark Entertainment Group
Art Director: Michael Marquez
Project Date: Fall 1997

After leaving Disney Interactive I bounced around the Theme Park Design world and worked for Universal Creative, Landmark Entertainment, and eneded up at Walt Disney Imagineering. Of all the specialties I have done in my career, I would prefer the theme park world over all of them. You get to sketch, build in 3D , then actually build it in the real world. A great job for a 3D Designer.

One major project I had while at Landmark Entertainment was the M & M's attraction on the Las Vegas Strip. I worked with a great Art Director the talented Mr. Michael Marquez. The attraction was basically you are an M&M going through being made. Cooked, polished, candy coated, dried, tumbled, and finally at "The University" you receive your "M" at graduation. I helped Conceptual Design all major props, and did some of the paintings for the walls as well.

As a side note that was the year I got to see the Neverland Ranch, as Mr. Michal Jackson owned a portion of Landmark Entertainment, and our company Christmas party was there. I also was able to present all my sketches to Mr. Jackson as well, and he approved of the designs.

Cheers, THOM

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