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Project Review: The Mindroom-Elite Sports Technology 2009 PART III:The Wellroom Spa Observation Platform

The view of the Observation Area from below for the Wellness Spa concept.

An elevated view showing the dual spiral staircases[ one up, one down for faster traversing]

An even higher angle looking down this time showing the three workstations for the staff.

A POV shot in the Observation Deck that you can see the Spa room Dome through the central portal.

A Close up on the workstation with the Surface PC, as well as the heads up re-display on the glass portal looking down into the Spa.

Project Review
The Mindroom
Elite Sports Technology 2009
PART III  The Wellroom Spa Observation Platform

Client: Dr. Michael Mark.
Art/Creative Direction: Myself.
Project Date: January 2009.

Today in PART III of my posts on the Mindroom centers I am returning back to a second area connected with my first post here, that of the observation platforms above the Wellness Spa Rooms.

This area is where the various Doctors and staff would check the progress of each patient from an elevated platform outside the private spa rooms. These areas contained the latest technology for a clean design as well as state of the are computing technology to assist in the healing and strengthening processes. THese were elevated to keep other clients from having easy access to the observation areas when entering the various rooms, and keeping a clean architectural space to experience.

You will see MS-Surface PC's in each observation area, along with a full heads up display that would allow the doctors to constantly observe the patient and the information simultaneously. Also for privacy concerns, the glass portals were all multilayer using LED frosting to allow each person to have full privacey at their own control from inside the spa an a layer behind the heads up so the technical information would be accessible.

In the coming weeks I will posting additional areas and the various parts in great detail so visit again!

You can view PART I The main Wellness Spa here.
You can view PART II the Wellness Sports Center here.

Cheers, THOM

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