Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Project Review: An Evening on Broadway-3D Logo Build 2013.

 The 'test' Image is used to verify that the file provided to me by the client will extrude and bevel in the 3D program,and this file was the first one for An Evening on Broadway

 This second image had added adjustment to both the material as well as the 3D geometry itself in that I did the faces as back-lit panels similar to what I did for Banana Shpeel here.

We ended up going fully gold in surfaces and brightened up the existing shaders to get a nice warmth to the whole image and this was what was delivered as final to them.

An ambient rendered camera view showing the base geometry.

A close up view of the title treatment.

 A view of the Broadway part exploded out showing the three parts from he second round exploration.

Project Review
3D Logo Build 2013.

Client: Grazing Lizard Design
Art Direction: Adam Lewis.
Project Date: November 2013.

I was contacted out of the UK to do a quick 3D Logo for a One-sheet movie Poster styled logo for a Theater Production, as well as for online use for a company out of the UK that contacted me after seeing my work on this blog.

A small and fast little gig but fun to do. I regularly get little gigs like this where a client will see a look[ or looks] I have developed and after combing a few looks together and modifying them to create something new and unique, I build a custom 3D logo for them, that I provide a 3D, or dimensional end product. 

I have done 1000's of 3D logos so no need to re-invent the wheel every time, though I do get to fine tune the looks, and my skills for each pass as art is a constant process of attempting to improve and get better results. This way it costs less for the clients as I have already had experience in getting a scene dialed in, and as with all computer work the second time is 10X faster minimum.

I proceeded with a test image to check the vector file for cleanliness as provided to me by the client, and I then proceeded with a golden look with back-lit faces. I then modified it to a more shiny gold feeling in the second pass, and delivered a final image, large enough for billboards and poster[4500 pixels wide], as well as used online as seen here in the link.

A fun fast gig.

Cheers, THOM

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