Thursday, November 15, 2012

3D Model Sales Part IV The Submarine Door/Hatch

 Here is a Low Poly Base Mesh shot with the Submarine Door Hinged open[ linked] that I sell online.

 The Submarine Door is rendered here with the Subdivsion added back on the smooth out the geometry.

 A Worms-Eye angle looking on up at the closed submarine door 3D model.

 The Worms eye view smoothed out[ two levels of Turbo-smooth]

 The clean render of the same.

 The standard view, first thumbnail used to market the Submarine Door 3D Model I sell as a 3DSMax, FBX, and OBJ..

 The Quads are shown here in this render with the Poly-Grid with a double smooth added to increase the geometry.

 Low Poly base mesh for the submarine door.

 I do birds-eye shots too as I want to move all around the object to show as much as possible.

 The low poly model here shows that I built the hinges and hand-wheel base as a one piece casting along with the dished hatch/ submarine doorway.

 The back view shows that this has both a front and back since the door opens it needed to be a 360 model design.

 The smoothed inside of the 3D sub hatch I sell online.

 Low Poly showcases the build method I have on all my models in 3D.

 Here the exploded view shows the individual parts for this stock model I sell.

3D Model Sales
Part IV
The Submarine Door/Hatch

Since I've started to post 3D models for sale on Turbo squid again, today I am showcasing a model I have put up for sale of a old styled submarine door for sale online here.

When I started at BLT and Associates in 2001, my very first freelance job for Alon Amir there was for the film Below, and I ended up making a sub door for the DVD back cover, so this model was inspired by that time.

For this new updated version I just made in 3DS max 2013 last week, I built this all as a subdivision model ensuring high resolution models with a much longer shelf life online than the older fast modeling approach I did back then for that other asset.

I render out the asset in Low resolution gridded quads, showing the quad geometry build for the prosepctive buyer to see how I made the prop.

I also render a subdivided[ turbo-smoothed] grid view and a few higher subdivided render too in many angles to show the details in the piece.

This Submarine door also got rigged a bit, as I linked it on up so that the door set could hinge outward, and was grouped accordingly.

Cheers, THOM

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